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Punjab Govt. Approved Clerical Staff Upgradation Summary

Thanks to Allah and congratulations to all clerks around Pakistan.

It is noted that Clerks started protest after the teachers protest but they have been succeeded. This is truly called the union.


Anyhow, he summary with the subject “Minutes of meeting with the committee to deal with the demands of APCA (All Pakistan Clerks AssociatiUpgradation-Clerks-1 Upgradation-Clerks-2 Upgradation-Clerks-3 Upgradation-Clerks-4 Upgradation-Clerks-5 Upgradation-Clerks-6on)”.


According to this summary, Chief Minister has seen and is pleased to approve the proposal contained in para 6 read with paras 16, 17 and 18/ante. Further details will be published at this post as and when the details are received.

All the clerical staff has been upgraded with effect from 1st January 2016.

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